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SEO services to improve traffic and sales

Each day Google alone generates over 3.5 billion searches. Getting in a top postion on search engines with your page(s) generate leads and improve overall sales. In the end SEO is all about creating value by giving visitors quality content which converts.

Are you wondering how to improve your rank on search engines? Do you need technical advise to improve on-site SEO?

We all want to rank #1 on Google

But let’s get real.. to be on the top page of Google takes a lot of time and effort.

So how do you know your doing the right things? There are over 200+ factors into play when it comes to increase your overall ranking on Google. Your website needs to be user-friendly, socially active and thrustworthy.

Focussing on the right factors and creating a effective plan is a must. From website analyses to keyword research and backlinking. We know what moves your website and what triggers good results.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is at it’s core ensuring your online visibility when people search the internet for information.

Search Systems rank based on your relevance and authority on the internet. When your website is launched or online for years many search engines want to:

  • Index pages of your website
  • ‘Rank’ your pages based on relevance and importance
  • Create a profile around your website based on content and links

However.. no one exactly knows how it works. Developers of Search Engine algorithmes make sure websites are ranked based on how user-friendly your website is and the quality of your content. But also need to be sure there aren’t any ‘tricks’ and ‘workarounds’ to rank high without it..

Then how do we know our SEO works?

Research and alot of testing. Eventually we know what works – and what doesn’t – which is just as important! Search Engines don’t like pages that don’t work properly on your website. Nor do they like bad user experience. Understanding these pitfalls and how Search Engines catch these with their algorithms is crucial for good SEO.

Optimizing your website is done in several ways. We make sure your on-site optimization is on point by fixing code, creating quality content including the right long-tail keywords and making the interface user-friendly. In other words – and as Search Engine like it to be – the website needs to be useful for your visitors.

Off-Site optimization is the other spectrum of SEO and creates authority for your website within Search Systems like Google and Bing. Linkbuilding is the most important factor. You wan’t people to link their website or pages to your content. It will increase traffic but also tells the Search Engines that your website must be import! Thus increasing your visibility and ranking.

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