Linkbuilding is important to gain authority online

Search Engines prioritize their search results based on relevance and authority. Search Engines create an ‘authority rank’ to your digital footprint. Your authority rank is mostly influenced by link pointing to your pages or website.
See the index of Search Engines as a roadmap. The more roads leading to your website the more important your website must be. Based on your Keyword Strategy the Search Engines try to understand how useful your content is for the query people use.

How do you get your links on other websites?

Linkbuilding is done in several ways. However it is very important to understand where and how it should be done. Next to having pages with high authority on the web – think of .edu and .gov sites – there are also ‘bad’ pages. These pages containing your link give little to none value. They could even have negative effect on your authority rank.

Convertalis can help with linkbuilding campaigns. Together we will share thoughts and understand your business goals and increase your visibility online by creating a quality link profile.

When we look at link building on a higher level it all comes down to network and business relations. As a business owner you want to be seen. You want to show what your business is about, where you specialized in and ofcourse the passion behind your business. When you go about linkbuilding you create a ‘roadmap’ around your company. People will find your company in many places, understand why you are here and why they should choose you.

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