Local SEO

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization brings your business online in a geo-specific location. There are many ways to top the ranking in Search Engines without the use of Local SEO. However in many cases it is very profitable to focus on getting into the Local Results of Search Engines.

The local search area in Search Engines shows results based on your input by where you are. Search Engines have ways of knowing from which location you are searching from. If Local SEO is done right your company could pop up in the Local Results Area of the Search Engine. With the increase of mobile searches even more so then via desktop this is a very important aspect of SEO. Mobile searches are very action oriented and thus a good way of of gaining leads.

Our affordable Local SEO services

When we have clients that need local SEO we work towards a very specific goal. We understand what needs to be done and what does not need to be done. We analyse the market you are in and the competitors within your area. By doing this we bring deliverables that convert while still maintain low cost for great ROI.
Here is a breakdown of our pricing ragarding Local SEO:


+ We charge at an hourly rate based on the services provided in projects.
+ The time we need to spend is measured based on the population of your target market.
+ We use expert contractors for services to provide low cost Local SEO.


We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about pricing and our services. On average a client spends $1,500 per month on Local SEO. We use a case-by-case pricing model in which we analyse your market and goals. This way we can provide you the exact services you need for maximum ROI.

Our Local SEO approach

We are hard working and and enjoy taking on a challange. We believe that clear communication and transparency in what we do is important.


Analyzing and reporting
The first step towards success is to understand exactly what needs to be done to reach your business goals. We do this by analyzing various key SEO factors like technical website analysis and understanding your target audience.  When we have a clear set of steps-to-take we build report.


Keyword research
Like every SEO project we need to understand what keywords we need to target. Each market and audience have a different approach to finding the right product or services. We need to understand which keywords we can compete for and which keywords we don’t.
This proces can be put into 3 segments;


1. Using search engine tools to analyze
We use the best tools for search engine optimisation to understand the difficulty of the keywords. When researching for keyword you will get to know your audience behavior only. How you they do their search for product and services in your business. We can then see the time and work that is needed to reach our goals.


2. analyzing the competition that is out-ranking you
Learning our competition by analyzing their website(s). When we check the competition we are facing we get to understand the impact of certain keywords for which we are (or not) competing for. How do they use those keywords? How do they use it in their content? With the correct checks we can copy and eventually do it better then your competitors.


3. Asking our clients for keywords they whish to compete for
We are the SEO experts however you are the expert in your business. We like to hear which keywords you which to compete for. Are there any keywords we are missing? How did the customers you already have find your website or business in the first place? Evaluating this process with our customers can greatly improve the success of a Local SEO project.


The following stage of a Local SEO project is implementing the right changes. We our now done with our analysis and have a clear vision of what needs to be done. We schedule our SEO tasks including creating content, optimizing local listings and white hat link building.
We concentrate on low hanging fruit and high impact – high value changes. Think about quality content (updates), Google My Business and Google Maps plus backlinks from high authority domains.


To make your business win online we follow the key process indicators in Local SEO;


1. Organic SEO
We continiously focus on your websites SEO strength. If we see changes that make your website better, healthier and Google friendly we do our job. The more towards a fundamental correct design the better for SEO.


2. Off-page SEO
Building online mentions is good. It serves as the voices of customers who are your ambassadors. For SEO this is a huge factor of gaining online visibility regarding search results.


3. On-page SEO
When you have a lot of visitors but your bounce rate is high your not going to convert. When customers visit your website we need to stay. Creating great content or landingspages is the way to go and we are here to make it happen.


4. Social and Rich media
Social media and Rich media or one of the most effective ways in the latest years regarding SEO. Now that we understand that search engines are starting to like websites having rich media we induct this when needed into our program. Social sign are important to give local SEO a boost. We now know that this does have effect on your rankings for local searches. 

Measuring performce and evaluating

Now that everything is in place we need to keep an eye on performance. With the right tools and reporting we can understand if our changes need tweaking, reproduce succesfull implementions and strategies. This proces is something we like to do closely with our clients. This gives insights, clear communication and transparency towards our common goals.

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