On-site optimization

Optimizing website for SEO

Searches Engines are using guidelines you want to follow in order to be indexed and ranked. Reasoning behind these guidelines is to make sure websites are user-friendly, optimized and useful for visitors.
On-site SEO optimization can be split into 2 parts: Technical optimization, making sure your code works. Content optimization; making sure you have quality content.

Ofcourse depending on how competitive your business is the tasks that need to be done vary. Therefor research needs to be done like keyword research, code analysis and overall user experience.

Why optimize your On-Site SEO?

Code Fixing
Making sure Search Engines find and index your website. Also ensuring bots to easily crawl your pages without issues.
Keyword optimization
Find the right keywords for your business. Which keywords will work for your page(s). Create a strategy to increase traffic and conversion rate.
SEO copywriting
Creating quality content for your visitors. Have a Content Strategy aligned with your Keyword Strategy for more traffic and lead generation.
User Experience Design
Even Search Engine are trying to check for user-friendly pages with their algorithms. Next to that it's important to give your visitors the best user experience on your digital space.

Technical optimization

We do various analysis on how well your website is responding for mobile devices and desktop. We fix technical problems or consult your development team to tackle the problems that your website is experiencing which reduce ranking on search engines and overall user experience.

Keyword optimization

Talk about SEO and you’ll here this all the time. Choosing the right keywords are essential to on-page optimization and your marketing plan for online visibility. We research the competition and target the right keywords to bring in the visitors to your website you need. With the right SEO tools and analysis we conduct a plan to skyrocket your online business.

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