SEO review

The SEO examination for your website

Is your website optimized to bring you the right traffic and get the most out of leads? Understand what can be improved to increase the traffic, leads or sales with our SEO review.
Our SEO reviews give you insight and understanding how your website performance. We check what negatively impacts the traffic and conversion rate. This is an extensive research that will show the best path to the right SEO changes.

How we conduct a SEO review

Keyword strategy

The center of great SEO is having the right keywords. Incorporating a good keyword strategy gives you high ranking on search engines. Also Search Engines will interpret your keywords and effectively connect the searches to this content. Having the right keywords is equal to attracting the right traffic to yourt website.

Competitive Analyses

Understanding your competitors digital footprint gives insight and oppertunities. We will research their ranking on search engines. Finding their mistakes and learn from their strategies.

Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools

Google and Bing have amazing tools to give your insight how well your website is performing. By setting up these tools we will understand the errors and problems these search engines have with your website so we can fix them.

Content Strategy

You need high quality conent to reach the top page in search engines. However content should also lead to sales. Write great content for visitors and you will also rank high on search engines. Build trust and increase authority with a well design content strategy to improve all aspects of SEO.

Conversion rate optimization

We check your website and give recommendations how to improve conversion rate. Sites that convert well have easy-to-use, elegant and well designed user interfaces. We will check competitors behaviour and give recommendations for your site for optimal conversion rate.

Technical website analyses

Search engines don’t like errors and ineffective coding. They could even lead in decrease of Rank. We will analyze codes and make recommendations on how to improve the code for better SEO. Think about site speed, improving tags and duplication errors. Also we will check server-client side issues and check the sitemap – robots.txt.


When we are done with the SEO review we not only send you the PDF. We will connect and talk about the plan and actions to be taken. This way we both learn and share thoughts and insight.

Next steps to take

After our meeting there are follow-up steps to be taken. When you prefer to take the next steps together our team is ready to help you out. We can discuss how you wish to proceed.

    Let’s connect and talk

    Our reviews are based on guideliness of search engines and best practices in the SEO field. If you have questions or just want to learn more please send us an email.

    We understand that not all clients are in the same situation. We conduct reviews based on your goals and budget.

    We can set up a 15 minute meeting with you and share thoughts.